SVE Demo Global on July 22nd, Silicon Valley’s #1 Meetup Group Goes Global

SVE Demo, the largest and oldest startup community pitching meetup organized by Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Startup community announced July 22nd the second global online demo meetup with special partnership with F50 Elevate after the success of SVE Demo Global @ F50 Global Capital Summit
For the past ten years, the SVE Demo Days was an off-site event in the Bay Area that many of you attended. It was fun to watch pitches, listen to investors, network and be part of an unique community of entrepreneurs, disruptions, innovators and startup enthusiasts.

With the home shelter announced in the Bay Area in Feb.2020, all the excitement around SVE Demo days stopped overnight and all our plans went for a toss. Refusing to give up, we once again wore our founder’s hat to redefine SVE Demo Day’ under the new normal. We spoke to numerous founders, investors and  entrepreneurs from this community to take their inputs, ideas and suggestions.

Like most others, SVE Demo Day went online in March, 2020. After two online demo events, we realized that the event is attractinga much larger global audience and startup enthusiasts from across the world want to be part of the SVE community; an aha moment.
The Past June 16&17th SVE Demo Global in the recent F50 Global Capital Summit(GCS) that happened on 16 & 17th June, 2020, we took a bolder gamble of running an online startup demo pitch. We called it ‘SVE DEMO GLOBAL’. ‘SVE Global Demo’ started at 9.00am(PST) on 16th June, alongside the other two, with live pitches, mentor insights, featured startup presentations etc.. Our stage was live for over 6 hours and many members of this community and global audience joined to watch founders, judges, investors and thought leaders share their views. We had over 5,000 audience members during the live event and the videos on youtube channel are being watched even today.Please watch the first ever ‘SVE Demo Global’ videos listed below and share with your network.
The introduction of the Panelists came in the June 16 SVE Demo Global Event.The Winner of our past SVE Demo Global EventThe full version of SVE Demo Global is on our SVE YouTube Channel

Today, our objectives are redefined and goals are ambitious. After connecting the Bay Area startup community for ten long years, together let us extend our reach to every corner of the world to integrate into a larger community networking founders, investors, wantrepreneurs etc..In this new journey of SVE Demo Global, we urge your active participation by inviting your friends, peers, family and network across the globe to join us. Together, let us make

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