F50 Elevate™ announced to help early-stage startups move faster with the global investor network and F50 Summit

F50 Elevate™ announced on June 6 and will open for public application on June 12. The F50 Elevate is the newest member of the F50 Family. It was specifically created to speed up the growth for the most promising startups. F50 elevate would like to utilize the advantage of a global investor network based on 22 investor summits over the past five years and a community of over 100,000 members. The program accelerates the success with the collective intelligence of our deep roots in Silicon Valley, together with corporate partners, and industry experts.

With the slow down in early-stage funding over the past few years, it has become more challenging for great startup founders to raise capital at the speed they require. F50 Elevate would like to put our focus and energy to help the great founders from our community to move faster to the next level. F50 Elevate, F50 Ventures, F50 Network, F50 Report, and communities together will serve as the funnel to identify great founders for investors.

Access to the large Global Investor Network, including VIPs from our investor summit and private receptions as well as speakers and attendees.
Brand in Silicon Valley’s flagship investor summits, including Global Capital Summit, DeepTech Summit, F50 Summit, etc.
Speed up the growth with strong and experienced mentors and partner team.
Engage with entrepreneur/developer Communities & partnering organizations.
F50 Elevate is currently growing our mentor team. During the program, we will have 50+ mentors with entrepreneurial and corporate experiences to help the company. We will also provide strategic guidance in raising capital to complete your existing or next round of fundraising.
Key Events
Opening Boot Camp
Video Recording/Media Day
Top Investor Office Visits
Midterm Pitch Evaluation
F50 Summit – Fall 2019
Graduation Ceremony
Optional: F50 Connect – International Trip
Weekly Mentor Day
Partner Meeting
Mentor Meeting
Group Meeting – Group Mentor Session
Networking Dinner – With selected investor groups
HealthTech (Medical devices, Life sciences, Digital health, Integrated medicine, etc)
DeepTech (New material, AI, Smart hardware, Mobility, IoT, etc)
GreenTech (AgTech, Sustainability, FoodTech, CleanTech, etc)
FinTech (Alternative Lending, Cyber Security, Data Services & AI, Payments, etc)

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