Building Vibrant Ecosystems – Stephanie Marrus, Director of Entrepreneurship Center at UCSF

Presentation: Building Vibrant Ecosystems – Stephanie Marrus,Director of Entrepreneurship Center at UCSF

Stephanie Marrus is an entrepreneurial business executive whose latest accomplishment is starting companies from science and medical technologies for a University of California campus. She has built the Entrepreneurship Center at UCSF into a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation, preparing high impact science and technology startups for angel and venture capital investment. Prior to joining UCSF, she held various positions in business including CEO, COO, VP Business Development, VP Corporate Development, head of Strategy and Marketing for public and private venture capital- backed companies in science and technology. She is a strong innovative leader, charismatic and energetic. A problem solver and creative thinker, she finds a path to accomplish goals.

Through her consulting entity SV Global Consulting, she teaches entrepreneurship globally and advises on business development, business planning and fundraising.

The fourth annual F50 Global Capital Summit® (GCS). GCS is one of the Silicon Valley Bay Area’s flagship events for the startup venture ecosystem. The theme of this year’s summit is Seeding the future and it will be held on Wednesday, April 30th at Stanford University. I hope you can attend and look forward to meeting you.

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